Sea Battle

Sea Battle 1.0

3D Battleships game on your Pocket PC


  • Great graphics
  • Excellent background music, sound FX and speech


  • Gameplay is a little limited


The game of Battleships has come a long way since the days when you had to draw out grids on two separate pieces of paper.

In fact, there were times when I was playing Sea Battle that I actually thought I was commanding a naval fleet. That's because this is a very well-presented version of the classic strategy game. It boasts realistic 3D graphics which depict your ships and their location in the water.

However, it's the sonics that really impressed me with this game. Not only does the tense background music set a good atmosphere for the gameplay, but the sploshing and exploding sound effects you get depending on if you hit a target or not, are superb. The immersive nature of Sea Battle is further intensified by the use of live speech, where a naval officer shouts out commands and advises you whether you're on target or not.

While the developer of this game has done a great job of dressing up the Battleships format, they haven't actually added much in terms of gameplay options. for instance, there's no high scores tables or difficulty levels, and the lack of a multiplayer mode means that this one only has a limited shelf live.

Nevethless, Sea Battle provides a great way to pretend you are a military commander while you're sat on the bus.

Sea Battle is the ultimate classic naval battle game for your PDA! Your mission as High Commander of the sea fleet is to search and destroy the enemy before they destroy you. Your first objective is to insure your opponent cannot find your ships, by strategically positioning your fleet. Your second objective is to determine the layout of your opponent's fleet, and to annihilate it completely. Strike hard, fast and without mercy! Remember, surrendering is not an option!


  • Extremely addictive naval warfare game
  • Smashing 3D-rendered graphics
  • Resume previous games
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-game help screens
  • Realistic sound effects and background music with live speech
  • Sound on/off option

Sea Battle


Sea Battle 1.0

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